West of Breckness

I’d had a problem develop with my old Nikon D610, one of the shutter leaves had sprung loose – so off it went for a warranty repair. I was initially quoted 8 weeks repair time… I knew I couldn’t last that long without a camera, so I ordered a new D610 while I waited for the shutter to be replaced on my old one.

So this is the first proper tripod shot I’ve taken with it. One of those peculiar Orkney sunsets that seems to glow, but in a really gloomy way!
On making my way down the beach, I’d noticed a faint humming noise. It turned out it was a dense cloud of Kelp Fly that covered most of the shoreline, must have recently hatched I guess? The birds seemed happy anyway, or hungry at least.

I’m always drawn to the shoreline, something about it’s dynamism fascinates me. Despite the seeming regularity of the tides and seasons, it is in a constant state of change.
We are moving into aurora season now in Orkney, I’m determined to capture a dynamic shoreline shot of the aurora this year, hopefully without getting wet.

I’ll keep you posted.