Sea spray moving through Hoy Sound, illuminated by the low February Sun.


Spring feels like it’s just around the corner, I feel the need to get out and about. I’ve had ‘quiet’ winter, the whole family have nursed lingering colds & sniffles from Christmas till the end of January. A rather depressing time to be honest, so keen to leave all that behind and get busy again.

Sunshine, showers and low sun make for beautiful & dynamic light. I captured this image last week, I’d managed to escape the house with a fully charged car and nothing much to do for an afternoon. Spent a pleasant couple of hours doing some sketching, drinking coffee, listening to the rugby, [Scotland 32 – France 26 ], and waiting for breaks in the clouds to seek out an interesting image with the camera.

This image was the best of the day, huge range of light to contend with – really like the way the sea spray is lit by the beam of sunshine. Kind of primordial feel to it. Received some lovely comments on twitter, many thanks to all who shared, liked or commented.

'Steaming' an image of Hoy Sound

I’ve ordered some prints on aluminium, just got them home so having a quick proof and I’ll be getting them on the shop asap.

Warmcube update

…I’m also reworking the website, all finished pages will be there for free eventually. Delighted to report that the mighty Robin Jones has come aboard to letter this book. Excited to see it coloured, lettered and printed up!